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What is the tennisdata app?

This app is an incredible source of tennis statistics for the ATPTM.  Stats by player, tournament, and all up tour stats. There are over 50,000
matches - all ATP tour events and world group Davis Cup matches - back to 1998 covering all today's stars (and the entire careers of the recently retired - Safin, Moya, Ljubicic). The app brings large corporation data analytics to tennis.

The app prompts the user to select the player or tournament, the type of query, and the required information (year, seed, etc.). The app sends
the request to the 'cloud' (our server) - the data is then sent back to the iPhone and displayed. From anywhere in the world, in seconds you can
have access to the stats for any player or tournament. The staff updates the server daily with the latest match results - and because the data is in
the cloud, you don't have to constantly update the app to receive the latest results.

What kind of Player stats can I get?

What do you want? All the stats shown on TV before a match - and a lot more. Here is the list (more on the way):

Year To Date (YTD)
Other Years
Head To Head
As a Seed
Vs a Seed
Vs Unseeded Players
Winning the 1st Set
Losing the 1st Set
Vs Lefties
Vs Righties
By Surface
Record By Year
At Majors
At Masters 1000
Total Tournament Wins
Best Result at a Tournament
Best Result in a Year
Trending (W/L over a # of matches)
5 Set Record
Tiebreak Record
Most Wins Vs
Most Losses To
By Round
First Pro Match Played
Davis Cup Results

The app works like your iPhone. The list of players and tournaments is just like your Contacts - select a letter on the right side to go to that section of the list.

The results can be scrolled, zoomed, and panned.

Tournament stats

For a selected tournament, you can find all the past winners, round by round, full results, win/loss by a seed at that tournament.

Tour stats

The app can display the tournament winners by year, by country, tournament wins by seed, all up wins/losses by seed. And now, Top 10's (updated weekly) for Wins in the current year, Total Tournament Wins, W/L % after winning 1st set for career, W/L % after losing 1st set for career.

Privacy Policy

The app stores no personal data; you're a fan of tennis and the greatest athletes in the world - that's all we need to know.

We want to hear from you - email us at - and give us your suggestions.

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